And what about garlic?

It’s very common in folklore and in novels and movies that garlic has very important role when fighting vampires. Basically vampires are very intolerant with something in garlic and they experience extreme allergic reaction and burn to another death or something like that – at least we see that in movies and novels. garlic

Well in our folklore and even today you can see ring of garlic near entrance to house. It is believed that the smell of garlic is the thing that hurts vampires. Let me explain this a little bit. In our Serbian folklore vampire is a living dead and his corpse is dismantling and it stinks. The only thing that has stronger smell then a rotting corpse is garlic and for some weird reason vampires don’t like any other smell then their own smell of rotting corpse. Nobody explained that even briefly, but it still is the common belief of the folks and our dear authors approved this idea and worked around it for a lot. One interesting thing about how vampires in novels and movies are how they pick their next victim. Have you ever seen a vampire attacking older women well above her sixties? Well I don’t know about you, but I haven’t. Why’s that maybe you will ask? Well what are the odds that girl has somewhere in her pockets some garlic and/or stake? Pretty slim, don’t you think? And what are the odds that older women have some garlic in her pocket to fix her blood pressure or a lurking vampire? Or even a stake, for any odd reason. I bet that is the case. However seeing a young, beautiful girl in movie has nothing to do with that I’m certain. Why bothering with some old senile grandma which will forget until morning that she was attacked when you have to battle with some nice young chick for some blood. Even the vampires have some awkward taste nowadays.

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