Blade series

Guns blazing, martial arts, violence, pools of blood, good vs. evil. Standard Hollywood mishmash with writers going over the top and a little bit more again. Story is following Blade, half men half vampire (and that would be enough to discard this movie if you ask me) in his battles against some very strong villains. His mother was attacked by a vampire while carrying him and when she was attacked she started to labor. And we got Blade. Half men, half vampire with all the vampire abilities and very little drawbacks. He is strong, he can jump for 20-30 meters from spot, he is able to do spectacular moves and, especially with his katana and he is almost invulnerable and yet again he is a man who walk during day time. He only needs to take his medications not to become a vampire. And the medication is extract of garlic, directly in his neck.  This is the case when imagination does not have any boundaries and that is something that is not good for any of these movies, but this is a special case on this list. When you watch any of Underworld movies you still have story. Maybe it isn’t the greatest, but it’s still a story. When you watch Blade, this thing has very weak story with a lot of holes. Nobody bothered to make something special. And there is a lot of things that they could do, but someone missed that memo and we got this thing.

Lack of any historical facts, except that vampires need blood to live, is something that can’t make you watch this movies second time. If they read at least half of novel written by some half known author this could be a lot better movie. That man would have to do some research and they shouldn’t do that again. But they didn’t and we have some interesting principles without strongpoint. Blade can kill a vampire with his sword, even if he scratches him, he shoots a lot of silver but another memo was missed in which someone described that vampires are not werewolf’s and a lot more of other misconceptions.

This could be great movies but it was done poorly and the results are what they are. If you don’t mind these entire thing and just want some action that involve vampires this movies are decent to watch.

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