Burning the vampire

If you want to be sure that vampires will not come back again and again burning is the best solution. In every case that was described burning the vampire corps was the ultimate solution for solving a problem. Why is that? To be sure that you killed him you have to sefire picparate his soul from his body.  And after corps is burned there’s nothing left except bones and on the contrary from commonly believed that vampire can heal quickly and easy, that is the final step after you stopped him with stake thru a hearth. When you finally burn them their soul is free to go in afterlife and until then it’s trapped in the body. The only solution for this problem Is, as you can see, how to dispose a body and the nice, easy and convenient way is burning.

First written source where people burn vampires is in Dušan’s Code in article 20. which says that every village which digs up and burns a vampire will have to pay a fine of 500 perper’s and priest involved in this ritual has to be unfrocked.

In some cases there was turning corps of the vampire in the coffin facing ground, in others rocks were jammed to supposed vampire mouth. But that was only a part of solution. Just like stake to the heart those methods only stop a vampire just for a short or longer time. If you find and examine casesangry mob pic that are well described like Peter Blagojevich’s or Arnaut Pavle’s you will see that on the end their graves were exhumed, bodies staked and burned briefly after that. That is the only way to properly dispose vampire’s corps because vampire cannot grow new tissue and they can’t heal them self’s. Let me remind you – vampire is dead corpse and their corpse only makes new nails, hair and skin. And not that fast as some authors would love to. If they get burned at stake be sure that they will not come back. That’s why they run away when facing certain defeat against mob with whitethorns stakes.

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