Dracula Untold

Cool vampire abilities, some decent action and a lot of clichés. Briefly that’s it, not more, not less. Story is following young Vlad Tepes and his war with Turks. Story is loosely based on historical data known to us, but that is not the problem in this movie. If you are among the people that don’t like when history is turned and twisted this is not a movie for you. You will find it over exaggerated and not too good. On the other hand if you don’t mind about that, you will find this movie pretty good. Vampire abilities and weaknesses are here and they are described at just the right level. Of course when I think about the level I think about Hollywood’s level and what they can do to describe vampires in general. They did not step out the line, but still abilities and weaknesses are done in cliché mode. Nobody even bothered to look at some documents, or try to find some books, especially from 19th century, hell browsing an internet sites about vampires they could learn something more and make at least something different, but unfortunately, they just went the easy way, sunlight is a no-no, one vampire can kill whole army and he will not feel even one blade or arrow, not to mention that he heels instantly. Yet again they could made it worse.

As I said history books are the books they did read so you have some things done correctly. Turkish invasion – checked, having vassal’s sons as hostages – checked, tools in blood (devşirme) – checked and many more. Story could be worse, don’t get me wrong, but it could be better. A lot better. Regarding story at one point you will want Dracula to overcome his hunger and be normal human again. But unfortunately we all know how that ended. Still, a good movie to watch.

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