Based on the masterpiece by Mr. Bram Stoker this movie is something that you cannot miss. Our antihero Dracula comes from Transylvania to England to get back his loved one. The story is based on how, when and most importantly why Vlad Tepes become Dracula. This is basically a love story so don’t expect a lot of action or some crazy twists. This is Vlad the Dracul trying to get his love of his life back and he will do all that he needs to get it back by any means necessary. It’s very hard to write anything more about the story and not to spoil it for you if you haven’t watched this. On the other hand if you have watched it you will know what I’m talking about.

This movie is closely based on the novel and in this case that was a very, very good decision. You will be able to see what the perspective was in late 19th century about vampires. They do control animals, they can get hurt, and they need time to heal themselves and a lot more. One of the best things Mr. Stoker did was that he showed that vampires do become werewolves if they want. You will not find anything like this in newer literature. I’m glad that Mr. Coppola included this into movie the way it is. If he didn’t we would have a little bit of story taken away from us. It’s not the crucial part but if he decided to put it away it would not be the same. I surely doubt that you had not watched this movie but if you haven’t don’t waste any more time. Francis Ford Coppola made another masterpiece. If you like standard Hollywood movies, you will be disappointed. This is a horror movie, but without pools of blood or shocks. I highly recommend this movie for your collection.

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