From dusk till Dawn

One of the best movies ever made! Period. At least that is my humble opinion. Great production, famous names and great story with even better twist that only Mr. Tarantino could make. Story follows two Gecko brothers running from US to Mexico successfully running away from police after a bank heist and unfortunately they end up in bar that is run by vampires. You can only imagine what goes next especially if you know that the writer is Quentin Tarantino. This movie has some base in historical facts, but not too much. And it’s good that’s made like that. If it had any more historical fact incorporated we would not see one of the best scenes ever – Santanico Pandemonium show. You will love this movie for a lot of reasons. First there is a switch from crime thriller to horror thriller. Next is complete story. It’s just great in every way possible. Next to address is somewhat dark humor and this is the best I have ever see.

From vampires perspective this has almost nothing to do with facts. Another Hollywood movie with lot of guns and shooting, a lot of blood and a number of well known clichés. And why do I even bother to put it here then? It’s simple; you will create love or hate relationship with this masterpiece (masterpiece at least for me). You will forget and forgive all the things that are not right because the whole package is something more and this movie will be the one to have in your movie collection and watch it from time to time even when you already know a lot of dialogues and what comes next. Or, you will hate it, watch it once and go: hm, this isn’t what I expected and never bother to remember that you even watched it. If that is the case I’m sorry, but if you like it like I do, you will thank me for bringing this up and putting this movie on this list.

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