How to become a vampire?

First of all, why would you even want to become one? Real vampires have to feed with blood. They have to. Even if you feed yourself with stakes every day, in a week or two you would give a lot for a beans or cabbage. Next thing is you would be the corpse. If you are dead, you can’t feel anything, right? So what is a purpose to live next few hundred years and you’re so call life would be without any quality? Also I don’t know what’s on the other side. It might be better, it might be worse but until you see it you don’t know. And if you become a vampire as I said few hundred years without quality sex, some good food and a million other things? Thanks, but no thanks. I would set myself on fire. Still, if this is not enough, the ways to become one are to drink vampire’s blood and to do some nasty things in your life. Both ways have some pros and cons. If you drink vampire’s blood he will probably want to drink yours first and after that he will not willingly give his away. So we have a problem how to find one before he founds you.

The best way how to find a vampire is a little bit tricky nowadays.  Today we have cars and to find a vampire you need a horse. To be, exact you need cormorant horse and bring him to a graveyard and walk him from grave to grave. Walk your horse across graves and when horse stops and doesn’t want to move across spehorse piccific grave –
you discover vampire’s grave. The rest is up to you.
Will you dig it up and drink it (I certainly know I would not do that for anything) or you will prepare an ambush – it’s up to you. Just bare in mind they are fast and unpredictable and digging graves is a felony so please don’t do any of those.

Also, please note this, if you are suffering from clinical vampirism also called Renfield syndrome it is widely described and there are doctors willing to help you.

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