Exterminating Vampires

In this part we will see what is and what is not a good way to kill a vampire. Some of you will find that they are misguided and some will see that they were right. So if you are a vampire slayer or want to become one this part is for you. Please bear in mind that we do not offer this information as 100% correct. We made this section after a lot of reading and listening to folktales. If they are wrong, we are too.

On first page in this section you will see all the things that are misguided in the movies about church and all the things that priests do to prevent that someone will become vampire.

Next topic is sunlight, beautiful sunlight that burns vampire to death. Well, that might be true but we sincerely doubt that. Even so we do give some evidence that is complete nonsense.

Nature does give some efficient anti-vampire things. One of them is garlic. How and why you can see on this page.

Stakes are pretty efficient way to slay a vampire if you do know how to make them. We give some insight into this topic.

Burning vampires body is the most efficient way how to handle them. You can see why on this page.

New times brings new methods. Some of them we describe here. It’s just a basic ideas, but with a bit of imagination you can make some very nice weapons for dealing with vampires.

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