Jure Grando

Among the first written vampires cases is a case of Jure Grando, Slovenian landowner from district of Kranj. He was appreciated by the villagers and citizens of neighboring towns. But when he was around 60, he got ill and died soon after.

Two weeks later villagers started dreaming of him. He was sitting on their chest, pitching and pricking their throat. Several months passed and the attack continued so the villagers asked authorities to open Grando’s grave to get rid of the vampire. And so they did it. When grave was opened everyone was amassed that his corps was still fresh like he was sleeping. His lips even moved a bit, like he was smiling. It looked like in one point that he tried to breathe. And to get mater worse and to scare the ones that did not get scared till then, his eyes opened. All present fell to the ground and started praying. After that priest made holy ceremony and Grando looked confused, even sad. Few tears fell down from Grando’s eyes. After ceremony Grando was decapitated and his body started to jerk and convulse like he’s being alive. He’s neighbors did not had any more problems with Grando after that. This was written by Erasmus Franciscus in the commentary on the Baron Valvasor’s work Die Ehre des Herzogthums Krain.


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