The most popular local vampire – Sava Savanović

Sava Savanović (Pronounced Sava Savanovich)is the most popular vampire in Serbian folklore. Milovan Glišić wrote a novel “After ninety years” and that was enough to produce a lot of folk’s tales and fear that even today exists. In 1973 TV movie “Leptirica” based on that novel was produced by RTS.  Sava was a miller in village Zarožje (pronounced Zarozhye) near Bajina Bašta. Tale goes like this: Sava was a miller in water mill and he was very attached to it. Sava as vampire came late at night and he checked the quality of flour made in there. If he didn’t like it poor miller had to face consequences. He was strangled and bitten by Sava until he was dead.  pic sava and watermill

Sava as a vampire scares our folks even today. In 2011 young director N.K. went to Zarožje with goal to make short humoristic documentary and he stayed in Sava’s watermill one night. The plan was to tape whole night from around 11pm until dawn. Mill was a small room and there was not much to tape and after an hour poor boy lay down to rest a bit. Few moments after he wake up and a figure was standing in front of him. He didn’t hear that anyone get inside. Poor fellow was scared as hell and wanted to run, but Sava was quicker, grabbed him and nailed him to a bed. When he wanted to scream but he was scared shitless and could not make any noise. Few moments after Sava stepped back, yell “Aferim” (meaning well done – ironically) and vanished.  Poor fellow after few second get up and started running to the first inhabited house where he told to the people what happened. In the morning, he went back for his camera but there was nothing to be found. Police report was made, but you can imagine that police could not do one single thing. People from Zarožje know what’s happening around vampire Sava’s mill and they are avoiding to go anywhere near it even during daytime.  In 2012 Sava’s mill collapsed and that triggered new stories and sightings.

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