So are there Vampires?

Newer books and movies in last 100 or so years are depicting vampires as young, beautiful, rich and thirsty for blood. And that is completely wrong. But as you can imagine nobody would like to see the real face of one. In our, Serbian folklore vampires are dead people that don’t actually die and they need to feed on someone else’s life energy, mostly blood – but that is not the only source. Vampire appearance is something like zombies in again newer period and that is also wrong. In this case zombies are made wrong. Zombies are in voodoo magic alive people turn into slaves that can’t think on their own. They are just follow instructions of their master. Vampires on other hand are dead, but they look alive because their tissue is not decomposing. zombie pic

So how does Vampire really look like? Sometimes they are normal humans but they body is not decomposing and that is basically the main specie. In our folklore there is another one and those look like human but they are nothing more than bags full of blood. No bones, no muscles, nothing – just skin full of blood. And in most cases, almost 99% vampires are common folks. No nobles, no rich men, mostly just peasants or soldiers, common people that turn to vampires in some way.

There is a few ways how people turn into vampire. First one is to drink vampire’s blood. On purpose or by accident, results are the same. There is a belief that some are born as one. Some children are born inside placenta, which was a sign that this child has some vampire origins and special care is needed to prevent this child to become a vampire.  It is all based on cult of the dead that has very deep roots in our folklore.In our Serbian Orthodox religion, we have some customs linked to death.  We believe as any other Christians that every person has body and soul. Only difference in our belief is that soul doesn’t leave body in few seconds after death. We believe that is a process. Sometimes even 40 days after and for that purpose we have commemorations three, nine and forty days after death. Sometimes, especially bad people (bad meaning killers, robbers, etc) have problem and their soul can’t leave their body. In those cases they become vampires.

There is a belief that vampires can turn into bats. In our folklore they can’t do that, but they can turn into moths or very rarely wolfs, even some authors give them ability to turn into werewolves.bat – moth pic In any case they do operate at night and they are hibernating during day. They can get thru any gap, no matter how small it is. And when they do they drink blood of their victims, sometimes they choke them or try to suffocate them by sitting on their chest. Results are always the same. People that are being attacked are dead in a couple of days from blood loss or from some strange disease.

Those are the reasons that mainstream media had to change the appearance of vampires just to be able to make that idea work. Who would read about some peasant that jumped up from his grave two weeks after he died and started choking his wife? Well, nobody. And Mr. Bram Stoker knowing this started something a bit different and depicted a vampire as a medieval lord from Walachia. And everyone loved it as they do today. We have the same situation today. If someone goes to police and states that he or she is a vampire and they confess a crime where they drank someone’s blood until he died, they would be in mental institution for a longer period, or if I say: Hey, I’m a vampire (and I’m not)-the answer would be something like: Good for you. Are you sane? What recreational medicine do you use? Can I get some? But if someone states something like Keanu Reeves or Madonna are vampires, and provide at least some clues for that, we would have great news for media and those newspapers, blogs or TV shows would have a vast number for selling commercials. And let’s face it; Keanu Reeves looks pretty much the same for the last 20 or so years. Is he a vampire? I sincerely doubt that.

Vampires have some strengths and weaknesses. Weaknesses will be specially described in complete chapter, but strengths are somewhat different depending on author. In our Serbian folklore they are already dead, so the main strength is that they can’t be killed. They can be stopped easily, but killing something dead is not a possibility. Vampires can become small and run away and almost never attack more than one person. They are built that way – small, agile and lethal. Also, you can stop a vampire but there is a possibility that a vampire you are after will escape even on broad daylight. They can do everything during day but it’s easier to attack during resting hours. That is a modus operandi for a real vampire. Come when nobody expects you, do what you have to and go away before they know what hit them. Sounds like special operations and they are in a way, aren’t they?

The main question is why do Vampires exist and why do they do this things that they do? As said before our Serbian folklore describes vampires as creatures that feed itself with someone’s life energy. In some cases blood, but in most cases vampire comes to his wife or husband and has sex with them. Also a thing to note, in most cases in our folklore vampires are male. Sometimes they come in handy and they do come to their house and do some things like washing dishes or feeding cattle. As you can see there is a small but still a possibility that vampire are not bad. They just can’t find their way to other world. In those cases we have a number of possibilities how to “convince” a vampire to move along.

So are there real vampires. I personally believe there are. But a lot of people are scared to talk about it and we have a number of folk tales about them and again very small number of real documents. Yet again, we are in modern age of medicine and we can describe almost every disease. Some of “vampire” cases are missed diagnose, but there are still a lot of well documented cases that cannot be explained. This is as brief as possible about Vampires. If you want to know more please visit the rest of pages to get to know them better.

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    i come here for a help i don’t know but some who this feels really even i feel this sometimes i get creepy that i can’t stop my self from the person i don’t know but i can smell their blood that is why i stop going to school and i was born like that and wan it is full moon i feel creepy & i even sound creepy i made some noises, some help or advice

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