Staking an vampire

Commonly believed as ultimate method for slaying a vampire and there is a good reason for that. And that would be true but there are some problems. How to kill something that is already dead? It’s simple, you don’t. Even staking in general is not enough to kill vampire unless done well. Stake thru a heart is a method to stop a vampire, not to kill it. Even in Middle Ages people had crossbows and bolts were made from wood and yet again that was not enough for vampires. Maybe some sharpshooters could do the work, but I haven’t found any case where vampire was stopped with a bolt or arrow thru a hearth.  And to make mater worse you can’t use any random stake found around. It has to be from specific type of wood. So any oak, poplar or beech won’t help; it has to be a whitethorn.  And I can’t indicate this more, it has to be whitethorn. stake pic

In our folklore whitethorn has a lot of magical features. One of them was that it can stop vampire. Bear in mind, you can’t kill him, you can only stop him. To kill a vampire you have to do something more, you need to separate his soul from his body. In some parts of Serbia even a whitethorn thorns positioned around the vampires grave could stop him because they were afraid to come even close to them and they would peacefully wait until thorns are moved so that they can start their work again.

As you can see, from hundreds of years of experience of my people, dealing with a vampire can be a tricky job and it usually is.  I can only hope that you can find nowadays some whitethorn wood to prepare yourself. I would rather be ready then sorry. Hope you do too.

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