Does sunlight affects vampires?

Well, Yet again, I’m sorry but it does not. It would be great if you could bring vampire on the sun and he would burn like bonfire. Unfortunately this is not the case. Every vampire is dead and there is little that you can do to stop him. Sunlight, suny day – uv lamp picUV lamps and other things in movies are great for those movies but in practice this is not the case. It would be easy as hell to just point the flashlight at them and that would be their end, don’t you think? And this is served almost in every movie. If that was the case vampire slayers would have very little work and they would need to have daytime job just to be able to stay alive. And if that was the case, why would they even want to bother with vampires? Everyone could kill one easily.

Regular practice in Serbian Orthodox church as in most Christ’s churches is to bury your dead on the graveyard. When someone was suspected as a vampire the easiest way is to dig him up and open the coffin followed by staking at least if suspected man was a vampire. But in any described case in literature there was no any effect on vampire. In some cases they were even happy to see the crowd or they tried to breathe or something else. Crowd always had to do something else to stop it. Still movies and novels use this as a normal practice in slaying the monsters. I can only thank to Mr. Bram Stoker that he was not the one to accept this and that his Dracula has an ability to walk during the day and have a lot of abilities as during the night but they are somewhat lower. The rest of authors just did not want to bother with that and made vampires like night creatures.

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