Underworld series

It’s always good when authors have a lot of imagination. It’s even better when a movie has some historical background. Unfortunately all this movies don’t have that. Authors have done some decent job. And then they have see Matrix and Keanu Reeves doing his thing and they went wow, we have to put something like this. And they did. But unfortunately, after Matrix they watched Commando with Arnold and went again wow, we have to have this. And again, they did. So you have a lot of slow motion effects with characters flying around making some crazy things while guns blazing around firing thousands of rounds American style – point the gun in enemies direction and fire as much as you can and hopefully you will hit something. If I was a vampire that uses guns at least I would learn to aim. I have a lot of time to practice with different guns so it would only get better over time. Don’t you think? Well I do. Maybe even I would learn how to be stealthy and use it to come near and don’t use gun at all, only my own teeth? But that was not the case here.

Don’t get me wrong, these movies are not bad. They are just different. Only connected loosely with vampires and werewolves but still a decent story with nice plot and decently described characters. Story is full of clichés but it’s still good enough to make you watch the whole movie and the next one. Briefly described these movies are about war between vampires and werewolf’s in the men’s world. Every part has own unique part of the story so you will need to watch all of them to understand the bigger picture. I can only recommend this series if you like vampires described by Hollywood.

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