Vampires basics

In this part we will discus what are vampires, are they real and if they are how do they look like and what is our perception of a vampire. Also we will see what folktales say about vampires and how much did authors and directors affected those tales.

We will see how Serbian folklore describes them and what are they capable of. As you might know all this Vampires around us did start by few Austro-Hungarian doctors that were examining bodies in some Serbian villages. We will see what did they found and how that ignited our imagination and what are the consequences.

Also we will see what did we, Serbs consider as vampire and how did other looked at those things and how did they managed them. Folktales were in that time great source of knowledge, but sometimes they were even more than that.

And at the end we will see how do we think vampires are created and all the wrong things that we link to that. We will break some common beliefs and Hollywood truths.

Vampire origins are in cult of the dead. Traditions and beliefs are well preserved if you know where to look for them.  Ethnic group of Vlasi in eastern Serbia preserved most of them and today we can thank them for that. A lot of our mutual heritage are saved just because they refused to reject all this rituals, beliefs and their magic altogether.

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