Vlad Tepes – the famous Count Dracula

When someone says vampire, this is what we all think. Thanks to Mr. Bram Stoker the most famous vampire is the Dracula. His life was researched from top to bottom by the vampire fans so there is a little bit to write and not to repeat someone else. But let’s see how Vlad become the most famous vampire. He was ruthless, no doubt about it, but let’s see historically why. Yes, I understand – history, but this part is interesting. Ottoman Turks started conquering European countries in 13th century. First, they conquered Greece and after that they had to conquer few small Serbian principalities to get to Hungary and Western Europe. But on June 15th 1389. All Serbian principalities get together and fought with Turks.  Turks troops outnumbered Serbian 2:1 and but they were still defeated. Unfortunately Serbian losses were devastating and that victory was Pyrrhic victory. Most male population was killed at that battle and Serbian principalities did not have any more soldiers to fight Turks. But still the Turks had to back up and reinforce for several decades and that leaded to even bigger pact. Hungarian king Sigismund, Serbian despot Stefan (Stephen), King Alphons of Napoli and among the others, Wallachia  duke  Vlad 2nd  – Father of Dracula also known as Vlad II Dracul joined forces to fight them. On top of that pact was a order of the dragon established in 1408. – Society of 24 noble men known as Knights of Dragon. Symbol of order was dragon with a tail around his neck. On dragons back is red St. George cross from neck to tail.Dragon order pic

Dragon represents a beast from book of revelation and a cross symbolizes Christ’s victory over evil forces. Vlad II Drakul had responsibility to guard a part of border – passage from Transylvania to Walachia. Vlad Tepes as his son was raised in the middle of war with Turks and he did acknowledged the tactics that Turks used. Vlad Tepes had also used that tactics and that is the main reason why one of his nicknames is Vlad the Impaler. One of most horror tactics used by Turks was impaling. They even had people that were specially trained for impaling. They could impale men that not one of his vital organs was not damaged and he would die in horrible pain days after, most common from severe infection and not from impaling wounds. Vlad used that tactic in his favor and after tasting their own medicine, Turks were horrified by Vlad’s acts.  In his native Walachia Vlad is remembered as good prince, defender of his lands. He was a friend of the poor and champion of common men. Mr. Bram Stoker was probably attracted to Vlad Tepes for his extraordinary, even bloodthirsty tactics and we can only thank him for that.

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