Well known vampires

In this part we will see our most popular and some less popular vampires. I will stick to the real-life vampires that have some records about their existence and I will completely skip all the movie vampires. Not that I don’t love them, but I will try to stick to the real-life cases that appeared some time ago. 

Movie vampires have one complete section and we will focus on them later. This part is for the real deals, the ones that even today make grown man fear.

First in the list is Sava Savanović, beloved vampire miller from eastern Serbia. Even today people talk about him and he still inflicts fear near Bajina Bašta today.

Second is Petar Blagojević from well-known Kisiljevo. His case was the first one to show to the world that vampires are real.

Next one is Arnaut Pavle. Yet again poor soul that slayed another vampire but still fell as his victim at the end.

Jure Grando case was among the first ones that have some record. It was brief, but it exists today. Unfortunately we don’t have a lot of information, but all that we have are here.

One of the most famous ever. Mr Bram Stalker’s super vampire. Our beloved Count Dracula is the next on the list. We could not erase him from the list, so we tried to bring some more information how did he became the way we know him today – The Impaler.

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